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Mark Kayser

Mark Kayser's hunting history spans a multitude of hunting adventures that began in the Great Plains’ state of South Dakota. Kayser’s career kicked off as a writer with a special emphasis on photography to illustrate his hunting experiences. He started out as a pheasant hunting addict, ...

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Image for The State Of Feral Swine: Calling All Hog Hunters

The State Of Feral Swine: Calling All Hog Hunters

By ScoutLook Hog Hunting Field Editor Brian McCombie

It’s a great time to be a hog hunter.  Much of the credit goes to the prolific hogs themselves, with some estimates placing the total number of wild, feral hogs in the U.S. as high as 6 million. That’s better than twice the estimate from ...
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Image for How To Fish Early Fall Docks For Hungry Bass

How To Fish Early Fall Docks For Hungry Bass

By Bass Fishing Field Editor Justin Rackley

They're the everlasting bass hotels that many of us gravitate toward for some pitching and flipping action. They're the docks, and they can often be our best choice of cover when it comes to early fall bass fishing. Historically, fall has a period of aquatic transition that leaves ...
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Image for Understanding Wind Thermals For Whitetail Hunting

Understanding Wind Thermals For Whitetail Hunting

By Neil And Craig Dougherty

Morning and evening "thermals" create their own special kind of air movement. They're called thermals because the air movement is caused by changes in air temperature and air weight. Morning thermals in our area kick in about 2 hours after first light, or just when you're starting ...
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Image for Five Deer-Gun Myths ... Busted!

Five Deer-Gun Myths ... Busted!

By Firearms Field Editor Ron Spomer

Deer hunters love tradition, guns, arguments and myths. Best of all is arguing about traditional gun myths! Here are some of my favorites.  MYTH NO. 1: GUN WITH SUPERPOWERS My gun is so powerful that it knocks bucks 10 feet back and flips 'em on their heads.  Who wouldn’...
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