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Curtis Goettsch

An outdoorsman at heart, Curtis Goettsch was captivated by the splendor of the great outdoors early in life. He took every chance he was given to fish with his parents and hunt with his grandfathers-the foundations of his outdoor insight and woodsmanship. Curtis started hunting deer with a shotgun while ...

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Detailed weather forecasts and tools for planning successful fishing trips, including DriftPoint Wind Maps and photo fish logging.

Image for Hunters: You Should Use Ozone For Scent Control

Hunters: You Should Use Ozone For Scent Control

By Tony Peterson, Bowhunting Field Editor

Mission: Possible? Are ozone generators the best bet for beating a deer’s nose? We've been truly aware of ozone for roughly 170 years. For more than half of that time we've been able to create it ourselves. Ozone has found applications in water treatment, food preservation and ...
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Image for Collecting Pelts With The World's Fastest Rimfire

Collecting Pelts With The World's Fastest Rimfire

By Ron Spomer, Firearms Field Editor

From East to West, the .17 Winchester Super Magnum stands ready to help you in your predator pursuits.  It's the world's fastest rimfire cartridge. Legal for predator and varmint hunting in many jurisdictions where centerfires are not, this impressive load launches a 20-grain bullet at 3,000 fps while delivering 400 ...
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Image for Slow Your Roll: Spring Tips For Successful Bass Fishing

Slow Your Roll: Spring Tips For Successful Bass Fishing

By Justin Rackley, Bass Fishing Field Editor

Early spring is getting close and you're thinking about catching bass on some of your favorite moving baits, but don't forget to slow down when you're hitting the water in the early part of the season.  The technique of slowing down spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and the infamous ...
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Image for Nosler's AccuBond Nails It

Nosler's AccuBond Nails It

By Ron Spomer, Firearms Field Editor

Looking for a flat-shooting, knock-down, drag-out bullet for big-game hunting? Consider the Nosler AccuBond. Here's why ... Nosler has a knack for naming its bullets. The Partition has a partition, or core-protecting wall, inside. The Ballistic Tip with its first-in-the-field polymer tip is sleek, fast and ballistically efficient. And now ...
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