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Image for Curtis Goettsch
Curtis Goettsch

An outdoorsman at heart, Curtis Goettsch was captivated by the splendor of the great outdoors early in life. He took every chance he was given to fish with his parents and hunt with his grandfathers-the foundations of his outdoor insight and woodsmanship. Curtis started hunting deer with a shotgun while ...

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Image for To Pursue A Blizzard Buck

To Pursue A Blizzard Buck

By Mark Kayser, Big-Game Hunting Field Editor

Misery loves company ... especially if you're a die-hard hunter sticking it out for a cold-weather whitetail.  Late-season whitetail hunts typically require one primary factor for success: bitter cold. Whitetails are in rut-recovery mode as the holidays pass and hunters put forth one last effort to fill the freezer ...
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Image for Small Jigs For Big Bass

Small Jigs For Big Bass


In some cases, the best way to hammer fat bass is to offer fish a bite-sized meal.  Crawfish and bluegills—two favorite foods for bass—come in many sizes, and sometimes a smaller meal is more appealing to big fish. Smaller jigs, such as finesse jigs and ...
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Image for Hunting Coyotes To Save Deer

Hunting Coyotes To Save Deer

By Mark Kayser, Big-Game Hunting Field Editor

The facts are in, and coyotes are undoubtedly responsible for making a serious dent in deer populations. You can help: Just grab your predator hunting gear and get to work. Every dead songdog counts toward a better deer season.  I don’t need a reason to toss my ...
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Image for Five Reasons Finding Shed Antlers Can Make You A Better Deer Hunter

Five Reasons Finding Shed Antlers Can Make You A Better Deer Hunter

By Tony Peterson, Bowhunting Field Editor

Looking for—and finding—shed antlers can clue you into deer habits. Not all cast antlers are the holy grail that will lead to a filled tag next season, but some of them can come close. Take those tall-tined breadcrumbs and add in the time spent scouring your ...
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