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As of November 1st, 2014

The following is provided for ScoutLook users with questions or problems about our Apps, Mobile site, and this website. If we don’t answer your question, just submit a support ticket via our Support page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Before thinking you have a real problem or bug, try these hints first:





GPS Location

Turn on your device GPS/Location Services and have a good (3+ bars) Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE Internet connection. All of our apps require both GPS and Internet to be turned on with a good connection.


Apps Supported

For now we only support iPhone/Android (Google). We may add MS Windows phones and others at a later date.


GPS Visibility

Your device's GPS requires an unobstructed access to the sky. Indoors or under heavy foliage/tree cover are not optimal.


Unresponsive App

If any app is unresponsive - REBOOT (power cycle) your device by pulling the battery or holding down the power button. This will close other apps running in the background and give your device the needed memory space to run.


Updates to Apps

App updates are important, make sure yours is current! If you are not sure visit the App Store to see what version you have and if needed update to the latest version. Check out Hint # 6 below will force an update of the app.


Operating System (OS)

Make sure you have the most current version of your device's Operating System (OS). Consult the store that you purchased your phone/tablet from for help with updating to the newest software version.


Locking/Freezing Up

For issues with apps force closing or locking up follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the app

  2. Reboot your device,

  3. Make sure you have a good Internet connection with 3+ bars,

  4. Re-download the app and let it install without using the device or moving it.


Calling Support

If you tried everything above and are still having issues please fill out in detail a support ticket via our Support page

General Account Info | General How To | APP & OS Version & Updates
DeerLog/FishLog (Outfitter / Hunting Club / Landowner)
General Support | General Questions

Question / Issue / Problem

Answer / Fix / Resolution


My GPS on my Android phone shows my location WAY off for my apps, what’s up?

The evidence we found indicates there is a GPS glitch with Android OS 4.4.3 and higher. The glitch seems to be affecting such users across ALL GPS apps, not just ScoutLook (including Google Maps). Regardless, try getting the latest updates to the app and you may have to uninstall, then re-install with the updated app.

Should I use the same LOG IN credentials for APPs and www.scoutlookweather.com website?

YES! All of our APPs and website are an interface to your saved locations. Use the same account to log into each – your email and password.

I am having trouble creating a new account, especially username.

You must choose a username that is not being used by anyone else. The username is only used as a greeting name once logged in, like a handle (BigBuck, etc.).

Should I be careful typing to create a new account?

YES! Type slowly and with purpose so you remove a chance for mistake, misspelled email or password, they won’t work later when you need them!

I forgot my password or need to change/reset it.

At the Login screen for any APP or from our website click the "Forgot Your Password?" link then type in your email address and click "Submit" - you will get an email shortly with the steps on how to change your password. If you do not receive the email with 5-10 minutes, please check your spam folder!

I'm having trouble logging in.

Please make sure you registered with a valid email address and that you provide us with that email address and your password.

I need to change my personal info such as password, email address, name, address, age, opt in/out of news and update emails.

This can't be done from our APPs or your phone. Go to http://www.scoutlookweather.com/account.php Here you can change your profile and login info.

What geographic coverage does ScoutLook have?

For 2014, we cover the Continental U.S. Next year will be a very different story….


Which way is the satellite map on apps and website oriented?

NORTH is at 12 o’clock. Whether you are looking at a map on your app or on our website, the image is oriented North at top (12 o’clock), and South at the bottom (6 o’clock).

How do I create/drop a new pin in a ScoutLook app?

While viewing the satellite image in the area you wish to create a pin, simply “long hold” tap the map until you feel it vibrate. Once you feel phone vibrate. A new pin displaying current weather details will pop-up on the screen. Touch the arrow (>) next to the temperature to display the advanced options (save location, log a deer, ScoutMarX, etc.).

How do I remove a SINGLE pin?

From an APP: Go to the Location Map, tap the pin you want to remove, touch the arrow (>) next to the temperature, select "Remove From Map" or "Delete Location". To remove all dropped pins (not saved) exit the APP completely then re-open the APP and log back in. From the website: Login, click on ScoutMaps then My Locations. 1) Click on the location you wish to delete and then click on the "Delete" button. 2) On the left under My Locations put your mouse over the little down arrow for the location you want to delete and click on "Remove".

I am trying to remove a pin but it just keeps adding more pins to the map.

You likely just added pins unintentionally by holding screen too long while navigating. Just close the APP out completely to remove all dropped pins at once.

I saved locations on my PC and they don\'t show up on my APP.

By default the website does not save pins to a category. In order for the pins to show up in an APP you must give each one a category. E.g. hunting, fishing, whitetail. Alternately, If you saved a location and gave it a category but it is not showing in an APP you will need to REFRESH the APP by logging out and then logging back in. Use the logout or switch user button to do this.

How do I get to SOLUNAR times, detailed weather info, ScentCone, SetZone, ScoutMarx or other functions?

Touch any new or saved pin on the screen. Touch the arrow (>) next to the temperature to display buttons including Solunar and weather info at that precise location. NOTE - ScoutMarX will only work by creating a pin (long screen hold) and labeling according to options.

I searched a location by zip code and it took me to a map - how do I get the weather?

Under the "Search" button you can enter a zip code or a full mailing address which will open the map with a location pin displaying cloud cover and temp. Click the (>) arrow next to the pin to get detailed weather or solunar information for that exact location.

How do I mark a scrape, rub, trail cam, etc?

Tap the map at the location and hold your screen and a pin will drop. Remove your finger and the weather details for that location will pop-up on the screen. Touch the arrow (>) next to the temperature to display the advanced features. Click on ScoutMarX from the list. Select a category, a ScoutMarX sign then chose save. The ScoutMarX will now show in your locations as well as a pin on the map.

Can I enter latitude and longitude from my hand held GPS?

You bet! Please see our info sheet on Entering GPS Latitude and Longitude for detailed instructions.

Can I enter a GPS Coordinate when using ScentCone / SetZone / DriftPoint?

You must first save the location then you will be able to pull that location up in the wind maps such as ScentCone, SetZone and DriftPoint.


How do I get or make sure the latest updates to the APP are on my phone?

After purchasing the APP, be certain to select "Get Automatic Updates." However, it may be necessary to return to the market as if you are re-purchasing, and download the "Update." If unsuccessful, you should uninstall and re-install the APP. You will not be charged again and your data will not be lost. The settings function on your phone may also allow you to update APPs.

How Do I Check/Update My Current OS Software Version on my Android phone?

Check OS version & update OS: Touch the Menu button > Settings (scroll to bottom) > About device > Android version. Chose "Software Update" to update your device.

How Do I Check/Update My Current OS Software Version on my Apple iPhone?

Check OS version & update OS: Touch Settings Icon > General > Software Update.

I need to transfer my app to a new phone.

You CAN so long as it’s from the same phone operating system, e.g. an iPhone to another iPhone, or Android/Google to a Google phone. If you purchased the app, you must re-purchase it in your new phone market. Regardless of whether you purchased app or not, make sure to use your same email/login credentials and you will not lose all your saved locations!

I reset my phone– how do I get my app(s) restored?

Please contact us.


If I get the FREE DeerLog APP, will I get everything from my other hunting apps?

Yes, however the DeerLog does not have SetZone (the waterfowl wind map) and it is focused exclusively on deer not small game.

I just bought and installed DeerLog / FishLog APP and the website tells me to buy the APP. How do I sort and delete my DeerLogs / FishLogs?

You must first create a log using the APP. After creating your first log from your APP, go www.scoutlookweather.com, log in, then click on QuickLog > DeerLog / FishLog to see and manage your log(s).

The weather data is not showing for logs that I back dated in DeerLog/FishLog.

Unfortunately, we don\'t have access to historical weather data. This is a limitation of archiving weather for the entire U.S. There is an alert that pops up every session that reminds the user that if they change the date/time, it will not log the weather.

When I try to log into DeerLog it is asking for a Hunting Club/Outfitter Code but I don\'t have one.

The Hunting Club/Outfitter Code is optional. If you don\'t have one leave that field blank when logging in. See below on how to use the Hunting Club/Outfitter Code.

How do I use the Hunting Club/Outfitter Code and why would I want to?

This feature lets hunt clubs and outfitters to log deer from many hunters with the DeerLog app directly to the club/outfitters log book managed by a single administrator.

Why? So stand, weather, activity on deer is consolidated into ONE account and log book for better hunting, deer and land management. Instructions on how to use the Hunting Club/Outfitter Code can be found here > Outfitters | Individual Hunters

I am getting duplicate logs in DeerLog when I create one log.

Outfitters do not need to (and should not) use their own outfitter codes when they log into the app - there\'s no need because the whole point is to let other people log deer to their account/have access to the outfitters locations. When you login, you are already logging deer to your account and have access to your own locations.

To correct the issue, log out of the app, delete the code and log back in. Then you can log into the site and delete any excess double sightings.


My phone cannot find my current location with its GPS.

With GPS turned ON…click on My Locations button then “current location” to bring you to your exact location.

If it does not, be sure you are outdoors with unobstructed sky overhead. Thick cloud or heavy foliage cover can also affect the GPS signal.

You may trying to log out, then back into the app.

If it does not cure the problem, go to your phone’s APP market, uninstall and re-install the ScoutLook APP using same log in credentials (not new). When you re-install make sure you set to ACCEPT “automatic updates.”

If that does not fix the issue please submit a support ticket to us.

The wind direction in ScentCone / SetZone / DriftPoint is not accurate.

ScentCone and other wind tools are typically very accurate unless you are in a canyon or draw where back currents/eddies and the like may occur. Remember, early morning and dusk thermals can occur as temperatures rise and fall particularly on low wind days.

When I drop a pin it shows a street address but I am in the middle of the woods.

The name for a new pin is just a label. It is pulled from the nearest straight line address but the pin for that location are the exact GPS coordinates. This name/label can be changed by you at anytime.

My GPS won\'t shut off after I close the APP on my iPhone.

This will occur with some handsets, and we are NOT allowed to alter this under terms of our Developer agreement. You should work with the company you bought the device from to have this issue fixed.

My computer browser is not showing any of the maps.

If you try to access our website on another computer in the same building and all works fine the problem is with your computer and or browser. Try clearing your browser's Flash cache. Try clearing ALL of your browser history and settings. Reverting your browser back to default or uninstall then reinstalling the browser should fix the issue. If it does not the problem might be that you are infected with mal-ware and you should take it to a shop to be cleaned.


What is the difference between the FREE Mossy Oak free APP and the $1.99 ScoutLook Hunting Weather APP?

The FREE Mossy Oak Hunting Weather App powered by ScoutLook, and the PAID ScoutLook Hunting Weather are IDENTICAL with the exception that the free app has occasional ads displayed in it. The $1.99 app will remain available for people who prefer be ad free.

I got a new phone. Do I need to buy the APP again?

That depends. If you have changed platforms e.g.: iPhone to Android or vice versa, yes you will need to buy the APP again. Unfortunately this is out of our control and is due to Google and Apple being two different companies. The good news is that all of your saved location data will transfer since that is stored on our servers. Otherwise as long as you keep the same Gmail address or Apple ID the APP will show up in your store as already purchased and all you will need to do is re-install it. All purchases are tied to your account (Gmail address or Apple ID) not your cell number. If you created a new account when setting up your new phone you will need to contact your cell phone provider to inquire about merging your old account into your new one.

What direction does the wind flow for each ScoutLook wind tool?

ScentCone: You’re location is the point of the cone and the wind blows in a wider dispersion to the large opening of the cone. SetZone: The “Set” in SetZone is the direction the birds will “set down”. So it is the landing direction since birds like pilots land into the wind. DriftPoint: The direction of the arrows indicate the direction you will drift in your boat.

I do not have an iPhone or Android; does ScoutLook offer APPs in Blackberry, Microsoft or others?

No, not yet, however you can use your phone's browser to go to our website where some of our features will be available.

What is the source of weather information, wind direction, ScentCone, etc.?

We use a combination of several government and private weather sources for optimal accuracy and reliability over the continental U.S.

Why are the ScoutLook maps not as current as the Google Maps?

Google sends out updates to their maps randomly, as new images become available. Unfortunately, we have no control over when the maps get updated.

My Apple phone has satellite imagery unlike the ScoutLook website.

Apple has made decisions not to use Google Maps (our current source) especially on the new phones. It has been a challenge for some users because the imagery may not align perfectly, especially the age of the image. Hopefully this will be resolved in the future.


Thank you for reaching out to ScoutLook for support. Please only use this page for technical issues. If you would like to submit a suggestion or contact ScoutLook for other reasons, visit the Contact page.


If our FAQ did not help or fix your problem please submit a support email below. If you are on your way outdoors and need immediate help, please call 1-415-85-SCOUT (415-857-2688), and we will try to take the call and help before you hit the woods or water. The ScoutLook Team will do its best to respond as quickly as possible to any problem reported.


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