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Image for Justin Rackley
Justin Rackley

Justin Rackley is a die-hard bass fisherman, driven by the motivation to connect his angling lifestyle with a career on the water. From tackling the tournament trail to laying the building blocks of his own brand, Justin’s aspirations are dominated by boating bucketmouths.   His tournament bass fishing ...

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Image for Tackling Tailwater Trout

Tackling Tailwater Trout

By Michael D. Faw

This spring or next, tailwater trout await fly-fishermen across the country.  Much of America is fully aware of winter’s prolonged grip on the land—and waters. Deep snow and cold temperatures have meant frozen lakes and waters abound in many areas of America. Warm, sunny spring ...
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Image for The Ultimate Blind Setup For Bowhunting Turkeys

The Ultimate Blind Setup For Bowhunting Turkeys

By Tony Peterson, Bowhunting Field Editor

When aiming to take spring toms with archery tackle, success is all in the details.  Bowhunting turkeys can be a run-and-gun affair, but for most it's not. It’s too gear intensive, too difficult to pick up shop and move after every other gobble. Instead, most situations ...
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Image for Hunting Strutters With A Suppressed Shotgun

Hunting Strutters With A Suppressed Shotgun

By Brian McCombie, Hog Hunting Field Editor

Field-testing SilencerCo’s new Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor on South-Texas turkeys. That first morning of my first-ever hunt for a Rio Grande gobbler was looking like a bust. My friend, Brian Lovett, and I heard a total of two gobbles and saw one hen in 4 hours of hunting with our&...
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Image for Choose Wisely: Hook Options For Plastic Baits

Choose Wisely: Hook Options For Plastic Baits

By Glenn Walker

Don't overlook the intricacies of that sharp piece of metal tied to the end of your line. Today's fish hooks are purpose-built tools that you should choose wisely, especially when you're tossing plastics.  No matter how many soft-plastic baits are out on the market or in ...
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