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Image for Josh Dahlke
Josh Dahlke

Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, it didn’t take long for an impressionable “city boy” to discover the beauty of country life. From his first time reeling in a panfish to his initial moments in a deer stand, Josh Dahlke was addicted to the freedom of the ...

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Image for Make Mine A Revolver

Make Mine A Revolver

By Bryce M. Towsley

Packing a revolver is handgun hunting in its purest form.  The hog had clearly found the thickest patch of brush in South Carolina, and as I worked my way into it, I thought about another hog from the day before. A young dog got foolish and decided to take ...
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Image for Hunting Public Land: How To Tag Out During The Rut

Hunting Public Land: How To Tag Out During The Rut

Tony Peterson, Bowhunting Field Editor

On private ground—where I have a good idea of how much hunting competition I’ll face—I enjoy the rut for obvious reasons. While hunting public ground, I have a much more complicated relationship with the month of November. I still love having faith that a ...
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Image for How To Catch Late-Fall Bass With A Flutter Spoon

How To Catch Late-Fall Bass With A Flutter Spoon

By Justin Rackley, Bass Fishing Field Editor

When late fall comes around and bass start to school up offshore, the flutter spoon becomes an exciting way to gather a big stringer of bass. It's a bait that has proven itself through the ages by anglers who know how to harness its power. With all the highly ...
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Image for Plan A Double-Hunt For Whitetails And Mule Deer

Plan A Double-Hunt For Whitetails And Mule Deer

By Mark Kayser, Big-Game Hunting Field Editor

Follow these stellar strategies for hunting whitetails and mule deer—simultaneously.  Are you the type of person who's always second-guessing your decisions? Should I quit my job? Should I invest in the stock market? Should I hunt whitetails or mule deer? I can’t help you ...
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