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Image for Melissa Bachman
Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman's outdoor lifestyle stems from her childhood. At an early age, she began hunting with her family in central Minnesota. Throughout high school, she could be found in a treestand before class, and she dreamed of a way to hunt for a living. Today, that's exactly what ...

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Image for Lights-Out Hog Hunting At The Spike Box Ranch

Lights-Out Hog Hunting At The Spike Box Ranch

By Brian McCombie, Hog Hunting Field Editor

When the sun goes down, the hog hunting shines in West Texas. I got to my hog hunting stand way late and well past dark, climbed the ladder to the elevated shoot house and settled in as best I could. But I didn’t like the situation. I was ...
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Image for 10 Must-Have Items For Every Fishing Boat

10 Must-Have Items For Every Fishing Boat

By Glenn Walker

Make the most of your valuable time on the water by proactively eliminating potentical hiccups.  Anglers put so much thought into what lures to rig up and what tackle we're going to bring on our next fishing trip, but sometimes we overlook some key items that all of ...
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Image for Strategies For Hunting Spring Black Bears

Strategies For Hunting Spring Black Bears

By Mark Kayser, Big-Game Hunting Field Editor

Spring into action when black bruins arise from their winter slumber.  Fishing for catfish with stink bait has its subtle charm and the benefit of a great meal if successful. On the other end of the spectrum, chumming for sharks ramps a fishing trip into an adrenaline-charged “Jaws&...
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Image for How Bowfishing Can Make You A Better Bowhunter

How Bowfishing Can Make You A Better Bowhunter

By Tony Peterson, Bowhunting Field Editor

Bring your bow to the water this summer and polish your archery game for fall.  The natural progression for young hunters used to be barnyard sparrows and soda cans with a BB gun, followed by hardwoods squirrel hunts with a .22 rimfire. Eventually, a .410 or 20-gauge shotgun would enter the ...
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