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Curtis Goettsch

An outdoorsman at heart, Curtis Goettsch was captivated by the splendor of the great outdoors early in life. He took every chance he was given to fish with his parents and hunt with his grandfathers-the foundations of his outdoor insight and woodsmanship. Curtis started hunting deer with a shotgun while ...

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Image for How To Predict The Largemouth Bass Spawn

How To Predict The Largemouth Bass Spawn

By Justin Rackley, Bass Fishing Field Editor

“The dogwood trees are blooming, the bass must be spawning.” This phrase and many others have been used to describe the spawning time that most anglers get excited about. It's when we enter the peak of the bass-fishing season. Starting in late February and going into June, ...
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Image for How To Find A Worthy Hog Hunt

How To Find A Worthy Hog Hunt

By Tony Peterson, Bowhunting Field Editor

Are you on a mission to kill fearl swine? Here's some advice get you on track in your search for a productive pig hunt.  With all of the negative press surrounding feral hogs, it would be natural to assume that gaining hunting permission for them would be easy. ...
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Image for Early Birds: Use The Boss Hen To Kill Gobblers

Early Birds: Use The Boss Hen To Kill Gobblers

By Mark Kayser, Big-Game Hunting Field Editor

The gobbler would strut at my earnest yelps, but surrounded by a bevy of girls there was no reason for this Merriam’s playboy to leave the party for just another pretty face. The morning hunt was beginning to look hopeless. Just as I was about to call it ...
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Image for Tips And Techniques For Catching Bass On Jerkbaits

Tips And Techniques For Catching Bass On Jerkbaits

By Glenn Walker

The history of jerkbaits (or "stickbaits") can be traced back to a single bait, which has more than likely been in every angler’s tackle box at some point: the Original Floating Rapala. This simple, but very effective balsa-wood bait was designed to mimic a minnow ...
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