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Image for Shane Simpson
Shane Simpson

A veteran turkey hunter and champion caller, Shane Simpson rarely has a problem filling his turkey tags each season. Growing up and hunting the heavily pine-forested Piedmont of South Carolina—mostly on public land—definitely helped Shane develop his woodsmanship skills. Many hours spent tending to his pet ...

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Image for Scott Stevens Kills Giant Nontypical Whitetail

Scott Stevens Kills Giant Nontypical Whitetail

ScoutLook Editor Josh Dahlke

ScoutLook Pro and NHL Hall-of-Fame defensemen Scott Stevens is known for delivering devastating blows that have led to countless victories on the ice. This week, he applied his aggressive strategy to score big-time points in the whitetail woods. Scott killed a huge nontypical buck with his bow on Tuesday, ...
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Image for Working The Wind To Stalk Whitetails

Working The Wind To Stalk Whitetails

Ron Spomer

You know those ads? “Don’t let them see you sweat.” Well, with whitetails, don’t let them smell you sweat. Or anything else. Because with whitetails, the nose knows. Hunters have tried dozens of tricks to overcome this deer defense, everything from rolling in dung ...
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Image for Interview: No-Nonsense Odor Control

Interview: No-Nonsense Odor Control

ScoutLook Editor Josh Dahlke With Mike Jordan

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing hunting camp with Mike Jordan twice. He’s a no-b.s., firm-handshake, look-you-in-the-eyes kind of guy, and I would venture to guess he’s not capable of telling a lie. He’s one hell of a hunter with decades ...
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Image for Seasonal Strategies For Using Deer Lures

Seasonal Strategies For Using Deer Lures

By Terry Rohm

You'll notice that “deer” came before “deer lures” in the title of this article. That’s because, as a hunter, you must first understand deer before you can successfully use products such as deer lures, grunt calls and rattling antlers. One thing you must ...
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